Application Partners
In collaboration with TELUS and a variety of 3rd party application partners we are able to provide innovative apps for business that are inspiring new and better ways to work. Here is a small sampling of our most popular industry solutions, powered by TELUS.

Asset Tracker

Asset tracking applications help businesses track the location and status of their most valuable assets using GPS technology.

This solution uses battery-powered GPS tracking devices to monitor your powered or non-powered mobile assets. With a long battery life and simple setup, Asset Tracker provides you with hassle-free GPS tracking of your trailers, containers, construction equipment and more.

TELUS Asset Tracker is an ideal solution to:

  • monitor the real-time location of valuable assets
  • locate and retrieve assets in the event of theft
  • improve your overall asset management and security


Fleet Tracker

Fleet Tracker provides comprehensive GPS tracking and real-time fleet monitoring. By tracking vehicle location, speed and travel direction with GPS, businesses can reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

TELUS Fleet Tracker is an ideal GPS tracking system for businesses that want to:

  • track the real-time location of their vehicles with GPS
  • increase productivity through GPS route analysis
  • use GPS to quickly identify and dispatch vehicles close to emergency jobs
  • improve customer service with faster response times, or GPS-driven customer notifications
  • more efficiently manage vehicle maintenance using GPS tracking


Mobile Security

Protect corporate data from viruses, malware and other security concerns with a cloud-based, simple-to-use security application for your mobile devices. Mobile Security makes it easy to remotely access, secure and manage your fleet of mobile devices.

TELUS Mobile Security is ideal for businesses that:

  • have employees with smartphones or tablets that carry sensitive corporate data – TELUS Mobile Security protects data across multiple platforms, including iOS, Blackberry and Android
  • need security against loss or theft – mobile device management provides GPS locate and remote lock-and-wipe for each device
  • want a mobile security solution that is seamless and flexible – TELUS Mobile Security runs in the background, without changing the user experience on the mobile device
  • have an IT administrator who can centrally manage the application over multiple devices


Secure IP Anywhere

To IT managers, mobile worker devices and remote wireless machines now represent their corporate network’s security perimeter.

TELUS Secure IP Anywhere helps mobile workers access their corporate network via a direct, private, and secure connection. The solution eliminates the requirement to use the public Internet and therefore eliminates the security concerns inherent in use of the public Internet.

Mobile workers can now run applications such as CRM, inventory management, and invoicing on the go from nearly anywhere.

  • Public safety – Helps securely access records, manage data, monitor surveillance cameras, and view maps. All this can be done remotely and securely from vehicles, either en route or while at the scene of the emergency.
  • Resource sector – Help exchange geometrics or run mapping applications with other mobile users and remote offices. Ideal for machine-to-machine devices and applications.
  • Healthcare and education – Allows mobile workers to collaborate remotely through videoconferencing, tele-health applications, and library functions at home or even at patient locations.
  • Financial services – Companies can use TELUS Secure IP Anywhere to wirelessly communicate with their corporate networks and make transactions while at customer locations with more confidence in the security of data transmission.


Alert & Assist

Be proactive about lone worker safety. Help to protect your greatest assets – your employees.
These solutions improve the safety of your mobile workers by tracking their location. TELUS Alert and Assist also helps your business comply with Federal and Provincial health and safety legislation.

TELUS Alert and Assist is ideal for:

  • Businesses that have mobile workers who work alone, in small groups, after regular hours, in sparsely populated areas, or in potentially unsafe environments.
  • Businesses that want to help increase the safety and security of their lone workers in the field.
  • Businesses that want help to locate mobile workers on demand, manage corporate safety procedures, and report on a mobile worker’s location.
  • Businesses that want to comply with federal and provincial Work Alone legislation.


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