Simplify Wireless

BWireless utilizes Simplify Wireless, an industry leading wireless fleet management portal developed by Enterprise Asset Management Systems to ensure you have complete control over your wireless device processes including:

  • E-Procurement
  • Wireless Device Asset Management
  • Plan & Carrier Changes
  • Telecom Expense Management

Simplify Wireless centralizes all activity related to managing a fleet of wireless devices, removing complexity and allowing stakeholders to collaborate using a single system. The wireless ecosystem is complex and difficult to keep organized, resulting in a significant drain of money and resources. Simplify Wireless eliminates the clutter and helps organizations reduce operational costs and optimize their wireless expenditures.

Using Simplify Wireless, you will have the ability to monitor changes to your wireless fleet map in real-time for all stakeholders involved in your wireless processes. This includes your administrators, approvers, telecommunications provider, hardware vendors, and IT departments.

Simplify Wireless is a cloud based SaaS automated workflow solution for mobile fleets, allowing you to generate reports that provide a complete 360 degree picture of your enterprise. Our bill summarization tools enable all stakeholders to view billing information organized however your enterprise requires, and our communications platform enables all stakeholders to use one unified system when logging, reporting and processing actionable requests.

Most importantly Simplify Wireless provides organizational efficiency by reducing the work and resources involved in managing the day-to-day issues and changes associated with your wireless fleet to ensure that spending can be monitored and controlled.

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