Machine to Machine Data
Machine to Machine data (M2M) is an evolution in business operations. Wireless networking of devices or equipment so information can be communicated seamlessly between assets is a new way to capture and act upon intelligence from your business machines, devices and appliances.

BWireless is quickly becoming Canada's leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless data deployments. Our team has been involved in multiple large scale M2M deployments over the past decade; many consisting of thousands of wireless data enabled assets.

We support your M2M applications with the extensive coverage reach, speed, and reliability of the TELUS network. This helps ensure that your solution is productive, easy to manage and simple to deploy.

A few examples of M2M technology include:

  • Point of Sale – Wireless POS devices can be used almost anywhere; tradeshow booths, restaurants, and mobile retail stores.
  • Vending machines – Track inventory levels and know when a machine needs restocking to reduce the lost revenue. Allow clients to add digital signage to their machines.
  • Digital displays and signage – Manage content delivery and timing directly to digital displays.
  • Oil Well Monitoring – Increasingly, companies are using cellular technology to transmit system monitoring information alerts in the event of an issue.
  • Remote street light control – a solution that allows engineers to use wireless data to monitor and control street lights, turning them on or off depending on local lighting levels and traffic intensity.


In addition to hardware activation and service, we provide professional services consulting. We’ll help your business better understand how this technology enables automation and real time interaction between your hardware assets to create efficiencies and a competitive advantage. To learn more about this exciting and powerful technology, contact our corporate services team at

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