Simplify Wireless – Your Mission Control Centre for IoT, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets and more…

BWireless utilizes Simplify Wireless, an industry leading SaaS-based wireless fleet management portal, developed to ensure you have complete control over your wireless device processes.

Simplify Wireless helps you:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency and Decrease CAPEX Costs
    No more lost devices and unaccounted for subscriptions. The system tracks each device and subscription from procurement to retirement.

  • Automate Your Processes And Boost Productivity
    With menial tasks removed, valuable employee hrs can be re-assigned to higher value tasks. The platform automates time-consuming and error prone workflows (like procurement and bill reconciliation) and maps to your unique hierarchical chart, to follow your organization's governance.

  • Grow
    By giving you visibility on operations and providing you with KPIs and efficiencies, the platform provides you room to grow and the ability to easily implement wireless management changes/updates - which push your business forward. Simplify Wireless is flexible and molds to your needs, is carrier agnostic and can travel with you as your needs shift, especially with IoT and 5G developments.

  • Cut The Redundancies, And Be Audit Ready
    Simplify Wireless obtains your data from the source, no extra 3rd party systems, and all in realtime. You have oversight of the true processes, bills, inventory, relationships and requests, and have reporting functionality at your fingertips - making audits a breeze.

Simplify Wireless is the only system of its kind in Canada, which centralizes all activity related to managing a fleet of wireless devices. How? It does this by removing complexity and allowing stakeholders to collaborate using a single system.

Why we suggest this platform to our clients?

By deploying Simplify Wireless, you have the ability to monitor changes to your wireless fleet in real-time - for all stakeholders involved in the wireless processes. This includes your administrators, approvers, telecommunications provider, hardware vendors, and IT departments. No other system can do this, and we are excited to share this level of functionality with you.

Simplify Wireless is your cloud based automation workflow solution that provides a complete 360 degree picture of your enterprise.

Most importantly, Simplify Wireless provides organizational efficiency by reducing the work and resources involved in managing the day-to-day issues and changes associated with your wireless fleet, to ensure that spending can be monitored and controlled.

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