WebCell E-Procurement
WebCell is the perfect online ordering system for any medium or large organization to simplify the task of acquiring and managing mobile devices. Our fully secure and customizable purchasing portal was designed with our business clients needs in mind.

Using WebCell, you can securely login to a fully customized private online store and place orders for wireless devices, accessories and service plans with corporate discounts automatically applied.

Through our system buyers can view and select from their client specific plans, features and hardware selections and allow access to different options for different levels of users.

You can prepare orders, save them while working through details, submit a final order or if desired first send it through an approval process before the order is submitted. Orders can be tracked to user phone numbers, hardware IMEIs or user names. Locating every handset in your company is easy.

Replacing a lost or damaged handset or simply upgrading to a newer model is a snap using WebCell. The ordering system has an intuitive step-by-step order configuration wizard that takes the challenge out of buying and configuring a handset order.

Our finely tuned online ordering system is also backed by a team of seasoned professional corporate support reps whose prime directive is to get the order right and on time the first time.

If your organization manages a large fleet of mobile devices, contact us or request a call back online to speak with an account rep that will answer all of your questions and prepare a full demonstration of the advantages and benefits of using WebCell and working with the BWireless team.

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